Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Person Dialogue

It was a hot, scorching day in an open field in Georgia. The sun was in the middle of the sky as a soft breeze blew through the surrounding forest. Two brothers were talking to each other nervously as one paced back and forth. They were Tyrone and Michael, Tyrone being the elder brother.
"What will we do, talk to them?" questioned Tyrone sarcastically.
"Maybe we could put food out? Or... or maybe call the cops?" Michael brainstormed.
Tyrone stopped pacing and gave Michael an are-you-insane look.
"Have you been to town? Have you heard the news reports?" Tyrone said, frustrated and exhausted.
"Yes, but they are just sick." argued Michael.
"You're my brother, and I care about you, but you are wrong!" exclaimed Tyrone.
"Let's say you're right Tyrone, what proof do you have?" reasoned Michael.
"When I went to the bank, I saw one of your friends from school being hauled away in handcuffs, trying to attack anyone in sight. He even tried to attack his girlfriend! It's not just a disease, it's a brain change! You have to understand, or you just won't survive!" Tyrone argued.
Michael stepped back, appalled, and said to his brother, " I thought you were fine, but you're probably dehydrated, you're not thinking straight...."
"I'm fine. I just wish you wouldn't be ignorant." Tyrone replied.

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