Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breath Of Life

Florence had only a few seconds of an advantage. They were coming- all of them. One misstep and she was dead. All she could hear was her heart in her ears. Her legs were being scraped up more and more as she sprinted through the thorny shrubs. Her lungs felt as if they had been thrown into a fiery furnace; each breath was a flame shooting through her throat. Maybe there was an owl hooting nearby, or a cougar ready to pounce on her, but she could only focus forward. It was twilight, and the canopy of the trees stopped the light from entering the forest.
She just had to make it out of the forest. By her rough memory, she was about 400 meters away. Her arms were weakening, but she pumped them faster. She couldn't go on like this forever, she was losing energy.
Florence began to slow down, ready to give up and let those devils win. Then she saw Lisele. Florence thought that the devils had captured and killed her. But Lisele was right beside Florence, running with her.
"I can't do this, Lisele." Florence whispered, nearly out of breath.
"Yes, Florence. Breathe, breathe the breath of life. Do you see it, the heavenly light?" Lisele answered.
Florence took in a deep breath and her lungs were doused from the flame engulfing them. It was the breath I life. She looked ahead and saw the light; she as almost there. Immediately, from her heart to her legs, sped up. Within seconds, Florence had crossed the boundary and was safe. She saw Frederick.
"Where is Lisele?! She was right beside me! Where is my sister?" Florence inquired.
Frederick answered "No... She-"
Two men walked by, each holding a side of a stretcher with Lisele's body lying on it.
"She's been dead since this morning Florence. I'm so sorry."
Florence understood the heavenly light that Lisele had seen, it was not the lights of civilization.

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