Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why Are The Lights?

Sparks and lights; blinking, flashing

Is that one moving? A shooting star perhaps...

A night sky flashes in my eyes

Day and night, day and night

An entire universe condensed under my eyelids

Daydreaming is a lie

For when my eyes close

I see the night

The night is my peace

For in my eyes,

The night makes the world a beautiful place

The clouds will come

But they cannot cloud what is already dark.

A Night In The Forest

We set up our tent

As the sky darkens quickly

The ground is squishy and soft

I walk towards the tent, past the warm fire

Thousands of different shades of green

As far as the eye can see

I take off my pine needle encrusted, mud covered boots

And enter the comfort of the tent

Before I fall asleep I zip up all the doors

I sink into my sleeping bag

And listen to the loud silence

The steady dribbling of the rain above my head

And the trees whispering to each other

The river sings a mysterious lullaby

As the stars declare the night

Sky Blue

The red sky unveils

As the rain begins to fall

It soon turns to hail

How will this befall?

The hail fall increases

All people are amiss

As the sky falls to pieces

What will become of this?

There’s flooding in the street

The weather’s awfully dismal

Lightning and ground meet

Will this be cataclysmal?

The sky turns blue

And the clouds go away

The Earth is anew

How long will this stay?

My Final Dream

My life is nothing on this cot; there is nothing here for me on this abysmal world

I drift away into a deep sleep.

I am in a forest; sounds echo throughout the cave behind me

Water drips slowly from the stalactites that line the ceiling

Then run forward, faster

I jump over fallen trees and advance through the foliage

Skidding to a stop, nearly cascading down the cliff directly in front of me

The cliff leads to a an opaline lake

My toes curl around the edge of the cliff

Mud seeps in between the cracks of my toes

I inhale the deep scent of the nearby flowers

Slowly I raise my arms above my head with poise

When I fly into the air and forward; my arms are outstretched as to fly

And glide towards the water

I launch into the deep lake with precision and I swim underneath the water awhile

It is so peaceful under the water

With the goatfish, dragonets,triggerfish, and epaulette sharks

After swimming without a need to breathe, I surface

And I swim to the sandy shore

I traipse through the greenery until a mammoth tree towers over me

Slowly and carefully I climb to the lower canopy

I sink into a large bed of leaves

Fireflies surround me as the forest comes to life

I sadly say goodbye to this dream world as to I must return to my own world

I wake up in my bed of leaves.

The Scourge Of The Salton Sea

It took their minds, their souls. I am sitting alone in the middle of nowhere surrounded by bloodthirsty, mindless savages. The whole town has gone mad, cannibalizing the ones who still have minds. They have lost their intelligence, I think. They haven't tried to break into my motel room yet. All I can do is sit here as I slowly go into shock and then become insane for a different reason than everyone else.
I was visiting my friend, who lives here, by the Salton Sea. It was supposed to be my short vacation. But now I know that I will succumb to this horror that sits outside my room. It must be the water; they all drink water, right? But I didn't. I never drink from the tap, and I bring my own water everywhere. At first I thought I was lucky I didn't get infected. But am I really more fortunate than them, or am I just waiting to be murdered?
Now I hear them, making seemingly random grunts and groans. The doorknob wiggles as they try to open the locked door. They soon grow tired of trying to open the door, and I hear them begin to shuffle away mindlessly. I think the coast is clear, until I shift my weight and my leg hits the TV remote. Off all buttons on that lousy controller, I hit the ON button. Coincidentally, the volume was as loud as humanely possible, so they started pounding on the door again. Thanks to modern technology, my life was over.
I had to do something, I wasn't just going to let myself die without a fight. But since running seemed easier, I grabbed a knife in the kitchen and used it to cut a rather large hole in the screen on the open window. I crawled awkwardly out of the makeshift escape route. Luckily, my car was parked ten feet away. I snatched the keys out of my pocket and singled out the one that unlocked my car. I pressed the unlock button and opened the door. I slammed it shut and put the keys in the ignition. There were a few cannibalistic savages headed my way, so I quickly pulled out of the parking lot and made my way to the main road.
Surprisingly easily, I had made it out of a deathtrap of a tourist town. I was in shock, and drove until I saw the sign for Palm Springs. I stopped at the first store I saw. But something was off; something was horribly wrong. There was a drooling, wild-eyed citizen making their way towards my car. The cannibal with blood dripping down their face tries to break my window to get in. I was wrong. I thought this was an isolated accident. But it had affected everything bordering the Salton Sea , and most likely more. If only California had fixed this environmental disaster, then I wouldn't be facing a certain doom. I quickly drove away, simultaneously hitting the insane, incurable cannibal with my car.
I didn't know where I was going, or what I was doing. But I knew one thing, I wasn't going to succumb to madness like everyone who surrounded me. I would find a way to survive.