Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Final Dream

My life is nothing on this cot; there is nothing here for me on this abysmal world

I drift away into a deep sleep.

I am in a forest; sounds echo throughout the cave behind me

Water drips slowly from the stalactites that line the ceiling

Then run forward, faster

I jump over fallen trees and advance through the foliage

Skidding to a stop, nearly cascading down the cliff directly in front of me

The cliff leads to a an opaline lake

My toes curl around the edge of the cliff

Mud seeps in between the cracks of my toes

I inhale the deep scent of the nearby flowers

Slowly I raise my arms above my head with poise

When I fly into the air and forward; my arms are outstretched as to fly

And glide towards the water

I launch into the deep lake with precision and I swim underneath the water awhile

It is so peaceful under the water

With the goatfish, dragonets,triggerfish, and epaulette sharks

After swimming without a need to breathe, I surface

And I swim to the sandy shore

I traipse through the greenery until a mammoth tree towers over me

Slowly and carefully I climb to the lower canopy

I sink into a large bed of leaves

Fireflies surround me as the forest comes to life

I sadly say goodbye to this dream world as to I must return to my own world

I wake up in my bed of leaves.

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