Friday, September 3, 2010

The Race

This is something I wrote today. It is a fictional story:
I tried to keep my cool as I got into position for the race. One leg was bent at the knee and the other stretched back. My body looked like it was awkwardly bowing to the track. I strained my neck as I glanced at the crowd. Then I saw the man with the starting gun put his earplugs in. It was go time.
I heard the "BOOM" of the starting gun and I launched forward. Everything was going fast now. My heart was beating fast in my ears, my legs were constantly moving forward at top speed, and my arms were doing the same. Now I could barely hear the cheers of the crowd over the rapid thump of my heart and the wind rushing by me. I didn't look behind myself to see where my competitors were. I just focused my eyes on the finish line.
As I passed the 80 meter line, I sped up. I could hear one of my competitors right behind me. Now they were right by my side. 10 meters left. they passed me, but I soon caught up with them. I passed the finish line!
I listened as the places were announced: "There has been a tie in first place!"

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