Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

"You know bad things happen when people go down that tunnel." Patrick said.
But I didn't care about his silly superstitions. Neither did Avery or Colin. So we set foot in the tunnel without Patrick. The darkness slowly enveloped me as I walked farther down the seemingly endless tunnel. I could hear the echoing steps of my friends behind me. A fear of the superstition started to develop in my mind, but I ignored it and I continued to proceed down the dreary tunnel. I slowly turned with the pathway I could feel under my feet. Then I saw the light again. I saw the town through the few trees that were speckled about in front of the end of the tunnel. I looked behind me and saw my friends. They were awkwardly shielding their eyes from the light the opening was revealing.
"C'mon guys, the light won't hurt you!"I said jokingly.
I tried to step out of the tunnel, but it was like there was an invisible wall stopping me. I walked over to Avery and pulled his hand away from his face. I backed away as I saw his face. His skin was cadaverously pale and his eyes looked remote and lifeless. I pulled Colin's hands away hoping this was all some practical joke. But Colin looked even more terrifying. His corpselike grey skin was ice cold and his eyes looked even more lifeless than Avery's. My fears engulfed me and I couldn't move.