Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chasing The Sun

The pollution clouded the sun and the wind was hot and full of dry dust. The citizens rushed to their destinations, cloth wraps over their mouth to protect from the dust. It was not clear because of all of the dust that stuck to and covered every surface, but everyone seemed to dress in a similar color of light brown.
One man stood out from the crowd. With a fitted black coat covering his tall figure and long dark brown pants that barely covered his ankles, clad with white socks. he strolled quickly down the street, looking as if he had important work to do elsewhere. His blue and grey eyes were shielded by a pair of antique riding goggles. His brown hair was slicked back and did not move although the winds persisted. A minute smile shone on his symmetrical face.
The man began to increase his speed and was nearly jogging. The surrounding citizens have him strange looks and began to point and whisper.
He started into a quick run, as he rushed past people, scaring and confusing most of them. One of them shouted angrily at him as he rushed past, determined to not stop.
Large clouds rolled in and only the lights on the street lit his way. An authority was chasing him, shouting at him to stop immediately. But he easily outran the out-of-shape authority, who eventually stopped, giving up on the chase and gasping for air.
Then he saw it, the separation. It was a 31 foot fence made up of everything from old boards to large pieces of concrete. With a running start, he jumped up and with his right hand caught ahold of a rather large fence post sticking out of the wall horizontally about 5 feet from the ground. He swung his left arm up to the bottom shelf on a small bookcase embedded in the barrier. His feet scrambled up and found footholds in the mass. By now, the authority had alerted the other authorities, who had let out large ferocious dogs. The man quickly began climbing higher. By the time the dogs reached him, he was a good 15 feet above them. He quickened his pace, knowing that the authorities had firearms and didn't care for his life, especially if he was about to defy their biggest rule, do not leave.
He was about 22 feet up and, as he predicted, the authorities began to fire at him, not caring for his life. A few bullets came extremely close to him, but he continued on. Then he made it to the top. He opened his black coat, revealing rope attached to a harness that was secured to him. He tied the en of the rope to a large steel cable
Protruding out of a gargantuan block of cement. Then he began to propel quickly down the other side of the wall. Soon, he felt the ground, but here it was luscious and soft, for it was a blanket of grass and soft moss. He turned and saw thousands of trees filling the hills that laid ahead of him. Birds soared overhead and the sun shone brightly into his eyes so that he was disoriented. Then someone walked in from of him and handed him sunglasses. He immediately switched his goggles for the sunglasses and recognized the person. It was his sister, Molica who had been separated from him by the wall.
"Hello Tom." Molica said, smiling at her brother.

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