Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear Elizabeth

Here is a period piece I wrote for a school assignment. It is in the point of view of General Halleck from the Civil War:
December 25, 1864
Dear Elizabeth,

I hope this letter finds you well. I thank you greatly for your frequent letters and their constant sincerity. They are my motivation to continue on in this seemingly endless battle. I wish you a happy Christmas.

This war, it may as well never end! How many more holidays must I be absent from our home? Oh, I dream of the day when our country’s peace is restored and we can be gathered under the same roof again. For this is Christmas day and my mind constantly wanders to how much I grief is around me; in this camp and throughout our country at war. How many thousands of families are mourning their lost loved ones, and wish that they had not so quickly left them to come to their end in this gruesome battle? Why did our stubborn selfishness have to end in this national bloodbath? I wish I did not have to ask these questions of our country. I wish I could just be at home by the fire happily eating one of your wonderful warm meals.

I cannot express how much I miss you: your voice, your presence. All I have of your voice is memories. I remember your laugh, your mild tone. I can not express my love for you in words; not even a book full of them. It is an unfathomable and indescribable love; for I miss you so much, and every day it grows. And every word you have written me in the war I keep, cherish, and reread until I feel you are here with me.

Even though I love you so much, I must continue to serve our country. The war will soon turn in our favor, and I hope I will return soon. My love for my country is too great to desert it in it’s great time of need. So I will continue on, with the help of your letters and packages.

With all of my love,

Henry Wager Halleck

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